Bullying is rampant in America. Across all demographics, bullying is leading to great harm to our youth and teens.  The number of youth and teen sucides increase as the occurences of bullying increase.  Bullying comes in many forms - from the playground bully to cyber-bullies.  With the growth of social media, bullying has become an easy way to attack.  It is time, we all take a stand against bullying.

Perform-4A-Purpose (P4AP) has created an initiative - "Bullying Is Not Funny!"  This initiative takes on the issues of bullying and cyber-bulling by bringing Improv-based workshops to middle schools and high school.s 

In addition, P4AP is also hoping to produce a stage production for high schools called  "Project Acceptance" - a high-energy production that teaches the destruction of anger and the strength of acceptance. 
Perform-4A-Purpose is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit and sister organization to Positively Funny, Inc. Comedy.  Click HERE to learn more about Positively Funny Inc.
How else can we help?
As a part of Perform-4A-Purpose's Anti-Bullying efforts, we have established an initiative known as "Bullying Is Not Funny!"  Please visit our website at www.bullyingisnotfunny.org.

As a part of P4AP's Anti-Bullying initiative - Bullying Is Not Funny - we recorded this Public Service Announcement for distribution in schools and other appropriate target audiences.