Perform-4A-Purpose (P4AP) is an innovative performing arts organization whose focus is on promoting positive life choices among youth and teens.  As a not-for-profit organization, we look to the COMMUNITY to help support our efforts. 

As sister organization, Positively Funny, Inc., donates their proceeds from their public performances, corporate workshops and training classses to help fund our efforts.  But, that is not enough. We need YOUR help too.

We need SUPPORT to bring our proposed stage productions to our schools at no-cost to the struggling schools.  We need SUPPORT to conduct our Summer Arts Camps to the disadvantaged at no cost to the parents.

Please consider a tax-deductible sponsorship TODAY.
We take on the issues facing youth and teens today...
Perform-4A-Purpose is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit and sister organization to Positively Funny, Inc. Comedy.  Click HERE to learn more about Positively Funny Inc.
How else can we help?
Perform-4A-Purpose Needs YOUR Support
As a part of Perform-4A-Purpose's Anti-Bullying efforts, we have established an initiative known as "Bullying Is Not Funny!"  Please visit our website at

Our Social Outreach Programs
Project Aspire Summer Arts Camps - Coming August 2015
You may indicate which program you wish to earmark your funds for by indicating in the "Note" field as you make your payment.

If you wish to make a larger Sponsorship tax-deductible contribution, you may chooise MULTIPLE levels during your payment process.
If you wish to make a  donation for another amount, you may mail us a donation or contact us at 888.492.8197 to discuss other options.

Make checks payable to: 

Positively Funny, Inc. DBA Perform-4A-Purpose
PO Box 130781
Birmingham AL 35213