Performance-4A-Purpose's educational project - Project Acceptance - focuses on the concepts of accepting ourselves and accepting others.


Project Acceptance is designed to teach teens the importance of accepting themselves and to have tolerance and acceptance of others. The project will focus on issues related to self-worth and self-esteem, as well as prejudice  and anger that results when there is conflict between self and others.


The primary core of the curriculum will examine the dynamics of behaviors as determined by an individual’s attitude, thoughts, beliefs, and their values systems.

There are three components to Project Acceptance

  - a confidential "Life Attitudes Assessment Survey"

  -a live stage performance portion

  -and a classroom based educational portion.


The performance portion of Project Acceptance examines the damage that results from low self-esteem, prejudice, and the resulting conflict in a very creative and energizing way.  We use our Laugh-While-Learning approach to education to achieve our targeted goals.


Professional actors will interact with the audience and deliver the professionally developed curriculum in a way that teens will be accepting of. Though much of the production portion of Project Acceptance is based on Improvisation, the foundation of the educational experience remains solid with each performance.


Since 95% of the Project Acceptance performance is improvised, no two performances are ever the same. Members of the audience not only provide suggestions on which the many scenes are based, but they are also brought on stage to participate in some scenes.


While many scenes may be comical in their nature, the underlying message is still delivered and reinforced throughout the performance. Not all scenes are comedic. Some very poignant moments help drive home the importance of positive choices and behaviors. Since the scenes are improvised, the emotions are real and portray life moments with honesty, in turn impacting the audience.


Perform-4A-Purpose (P4AP) is an innovative 501C3 not-for-profit performing arts organization whose focus is on promoting positive life choices among youth and teens and to provide healing for issues of emotional trauma through the arts.  P4AP's social theatre approach uses the talents and skills of its actors partnered with meental health professionals to break down communication barriers and provide an innovative way to learn and heal, using the performing arts as its primary tool.


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